When: March 9-10, 2013
Where: Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202
Conference fee: $110


1. Introduce distinguished Mongolian Women
2. Develop and empower Mongolian Women's self-esteem
3. Support exchange of ideas and experiences and women's networking
4. Introduce the activities of Mongolian Women's Development Foundation
5. Promote creativity, inspire and educate Mongolian Women

Day 1: March 9, 2013

11:30 – 12:45pm Guest Registration and Exhibits
12:45 – 01:00pm Opening Session

01:00 – 02:00pm "Sport and Health" Session

01:00 – 1:15pm “Remarkable Women” Award ceremony recognizing distinguished women of Sport and Health field
01:15 – 01:30pm "Beautiful Smile" Show, Solongo. P, Board member of MWDF, Dentist and Director at Dental Clinic in Minnesota  (Minneapolis)
01:30 – 01:40pm “Living Active" Sport Show, Mongolian Fitness Club (Chicago)
01:40 – 02:00pm  Keynote Address , "Eye Health and Eye Tumors", Munkhbayar. D,Chief Representative of "Soyol" Committee of Mongolian Women in USA, Master of Health Science ( Arlington)

02:00 – 03:00pm "Food and Nutrition" Session

02:00- 02:15 “Remarkable Women” Award ceremony recognizing distinguished women of Food and Nutrition field
02:15 – 02:30pm "Healthy Choice - Vegetable Juice" Show, Representative of Mongolian Women's Development Foundation
02:30 – 03:00pm  Keynote Address, “The Intake of Vitamin D for Mongolians” – Ganmaa Davaasambuu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Harvard University (Boston)  

03:00 – 04:00pm "Education" Session

03:00 – 03:15pm “Remarkable Women” Award ceremony recognizing distinguished women of Education field
03:15 – 03:30pm "Business Lady" Fashion Show, Tuya Studio. (Arlington)
03:30 – 03:45pm "Knowing the law and knowing your rights", International Human Rights Lawyer, Economist, Juris Doctor D. Jilee (Florida)
03:45 – 04:00pm  Keynote Address, "Education – Dignity -Pride", Myagmarsuren. N, Real Estate Broker (San Francisco)

04:00 – 05:30pm Networking/ Break
05:30 – 07:00pm Dinner Reception
05:30 – 06:00pm Introduction and presentation of Mongolian business owners in USA
06:00 – 07:00pm "Art and Culture" Session

06:00 – 06:15pm “Remarkable Women” Award ceremony recognizing distinguished women of Art and Culture field
06:15 – 06:30pm  "Color" Speech, Uranchimeg. Ch, Dr. Professor at University of California, Berkeley (San Francisco)
06:30 – 07:00pm  Art Performance, organized by Mungunchimeg. B, Joffrey Ballet Professional Pianist (Chicago)

07:00 – 08:15pm "Empower Women" Session

07:00 – 07:15pm  "Remarkable Women" Award ceremony recognizing distinguished women
07:15 – 07:30pm  "Women Empowerment in the Workplace" Speech- Ulziidelger. L, Senior Test Lead at Microsoft Office division (Seattle) 

07:30 – 08:15pm   Opening Ceremony of the documentary movie "Let my child be a Good Person"
08:15 – 12:00am "International Women's Day" Reception Party


Day 2: March 10, 2013

Washington D.C Bus Tour
Tour cost each person $110

Reservation only: book your tour at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hotel information:
Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202
Room reservation: “Empower Women Room Block” (888) 627-8209
Room fee: $110 (including sales tax and breakfast for two)



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